Father to Son


Van Pao-Te, 60, suspects he’s ill. But he won’t go and see a doctor. Instead, he accepts an invitation to Japan. He takes his son Dy-Chi with him, telling him he wants to explore a business opportunity. Dy-Chi soon finds out his father has other motives for the trip - he is looking for someone.

Haunted by the memory of an absent father who abandoned him 50 years ago, Van Pao-Te goes in search of a man. Or the memory of a man. Maybe it’s a last chance to understand. Maybe it’s just a goodbye…

Van Pao-Te walked a different path to his father, though some might say he walked no path at all. But how could he be as irresponsible as his father had been? Just disappear and leave the family in the care of a ten years old boy? No. He was determined to spare his son the heartache that he himself had had to bear. But how then should he treat his son, whom he wants to protect, but also needs to make brave?

As the pair head to Japan, Newman arrives from Hong Kong. Persuaded to come over at his ‘Auntie’s’ insistence, his appearance is somehow related to Van Pao-Te’s past. As with Van Dy-Chi, an unknown truth awaits him…

Father to Son is a story about origins - of fathers and their sons; of people cast adrift from their past; of searching for the past in order to find a future. And of a small island alone in a great ocean...

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 BIT Priduction Co., Ltd.

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 BIT Priduction Co., Ltd.

〔Taiwan Distributor〕

 Mirror Stage Films


Michael JQ HUANG
FU Meng-Po
LUNG Shao-Hua
Samuel K
WEN Chen-Ling
Daniel CHEN


監製 Executive Producer:侯孝賢HOU Hsiao-Hsien
製片 Producer:蕭瑞嵐 HSIAO Jui-Lan
執行製片 Line Producers:王雲明 Michael WANG 張世威 CHANG Shih-Wei
編劇 Screenplay:蕭雅全 HSIAO Ya-Chuan
導演 Director:蕭雅全 HSIAO Ya-Chuan
攝影指導 Director of Photography:林哲強 LIN Tse-Chung
燈光指導 Gaffer:梁文台 LIANG Wen-Tai
藝術總監 Production Designer:黃文英 HWARNG Wern-Ying
美術指導Art Director:王誌成 WANG Chih-Cheng
造型指導 Costume Designer:陳佳敏 CHEN Chia-Min
聲音設計 Sound Designer:郭禮杞 KUO Li-Chi
選角指導 Casting Director:李秀鑾 LEE Hsiu-Luan
電影配樂 Music Composers:雷光夏 Summer LEI 侯志堅 Chris HOU
剪接 Editor:童宜茹 TUNG Yi-Ju


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